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Welcome To EnraTech IT Consultancy

In 2014, the organizational structure of information Technology Services was altered to better align our functional units with the services we provide and the demands of our partner Service Area. In the ‘main activities done to provide this service’ section of this overview, a snapshot of the Key ITS functional units and selected key delivery elements have been identified. High level current objectives are focused on building systems and processes through which strategy can be translated to tactical action. The creation of representative functional unit operating plans with meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs) plays an integral role in this translation. These KPIs are used to measure ITS progress and are directly linked to our overall strategy and the  results identified in the 2014 – 2016  strategic Plan.

To ensure a safe and stable computing environment, we have undertaken significant projects to upgrade physical technological infrastructure including servers, storage, security, database and network elements. These enhancements lay the foundation for technology supported efficiency and effectiveness of projects led by partner Service Areas.

Who Is Enratech It Consultancy Ltd

Enratech IT Consultancy Ltd optimizes business opportunities by rendering
a service that:

• Is readily available;
• Is delivered by professionally qualified people;
• Provides latest technology products; and
• Transfers knowledge through training and development opportunities.

This philosophy is achieved through committed and skilled team of staff that ensure that solutions are tailored for the specific needs that our customers require.

Our range of diversified Information and communications technology and services form the foundation of the service levels and solutions which we offer to our customers which increase their efficiencies, enhance productivity and optimize costs.

We will ensure effective delivery of services to our Clients, is a Strong, Modern, and Efficient information Technology (IT) infrastructure. Through investments in network, database, data storage and system backup modernization, we are working to ensure Uganda Service Area have the foundation to best meet business demands.

Almost all significant Uganda processes are indelibly linked to a software application. We provide insight, guidance and support for hundreds of applications essential to the provision of public services to our citizens. These actions facilitate citizen access to services and support goals associated with citizen satisfaction.

Our  Sustainable IT Services and Skills

Network, Maintenance & IT Support Services 90

Meet Our Team

Job Olengor
Job Olengor CEO/ Company Director
Today’s volatile global economy requires businesses to make the best use of resources while delivering superior products and services.
Enratech IT Consultancy Ltd are uniquely placed to assist our customers and provide superior service levels.

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